At The Recovery Center Network, we understand that the detoxification process for opiate addiction, alcohol and other substances can be challenging for many clients. In fact, the fear of withdrawal has been a deterrent for many seeking drug detox. We recognize this and take steps to connect clients to a facility with the highest level of care available. The Recovery Center Network has a prestigious network of superior detox treatment centers accessible to all detox clients.

Fully licensed and professionally staffed detox centers meet and exceeds all criteria for a sub-acute detoxification programs in Orange County, California. Medical and clinical staff are always onsite and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Professionals closely monitor residential detox client’s progress, ensuring that each client receives top quality care throughout the process.

Street and prescription drug addictions have skyrocketed in recent years. With that, there is a growing need for opiate detox programs in Southern California. Detoxification from opiate addiction carries specific risks and requires special supervision. Successful medical opiate detox will involve withdrawal, which symptoms can be very difficult to manage. As a result, it is often advisable that clients be given a tapering dose of a related drug, or undergo rapid detoxification under sedation. In both cases, clients are very closely monitored by medical personal.

Detox is the process the body goes through as it rids itself of any substances left in the system. During the withdrawal process, your body may begin to experience a number of intense symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms will occur as the body copes with any sudden decrease or elimination of drugs or alcohol it has become dependent on to function. In detox treatment programs, your withdrawal symptoms will be carefully monitored and addressed, allowing this first phase of treatment to be safer and less overwhelming.

Drug Withdrawal

Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms can vary. Depending on the class of drug involved, the withdrawal symptoms can vary in severity, duration and intensity. Contributing factors to individual drug withdrawal symptoms include:

The length of drug or alcohol addiction.
Any combination of drugs abused with or without alcohol.
The extent of drug dependency at the time treatment is entered.
All co-occurring mental or emotional disorders.

That said, there are common withdrawal symptoms that frequently occur regardless of the user’s drug of choice. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Serious mood disturbances, including extreme mood swings, agitation and intense irritability. These issues alone can make the detox process daunting and impossible without professional emotional support.
  • Physical discomfort including intense flu-like symptoms such as chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, sweating and tremors. Without appropriate medical intervention these can become extreme and could be potentially life threatening.
  • Sleep disruptions and disturbances that make rest impossible, despite exhaustion and physical fatigue.
  • Insatiable drug craving, specifically the drug of choice, creating strong desires and impulses to use, stoping withdrawal symptoms. This can be insurmountable for users, and most will not be able to continue on their own.

Each drug and drug family has substance specific symptoms. Opioids, including heroin, cause extreme joint and muscle pain, as well as abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting as they clear the body. Alcohol withdrawal can cause mood altering anxiety, nervousness and agitation, along with fast heart rate, seizures and disorientation. With stimulant withdrawal, including cocaine and crystal meth, depression, hallucinations, paranoia are common.

What is the safest way to Detox?

The Recovery Center Network is the best link to medically sound, detox safe facilities in Orange County, CA. We have our client’s safety and wellbeing in mind when we refer specific medical detoxification centers. Have questions about how it works? No problem. Our support staff can answer any question and address any concern you may have before entering a detox program.

While it is rare, life threatening withdrawal symptoms can occur, and serious health issues that require urgent medical attention can result. The impatient detox programs we work closely with provide exceptional 24 hour medical care and monitoring.

Types of Detox available through The Recovery Center Network

It is important to note that depending on different variables, not all detox programs are advisable for all clients. We work with each client to provide appropriate detox programs within our extensive network.

Inpatient Detox Programs

Whether clients are at a high risk of relapse, need urgent medical care for drug or alcohol abuse or simply desire a structured, secure detox setting, The Recovery Network Center can help. Many of the Inpatient Detox facilities we work with have packages that include 24/7 inpatient detox treatment coupled with residential sober living and outpatient treatment plans for long term clean living.

Clients who come to us seeking drug detoxification from the following substances will be referred to inpatient detox for maximum success and safety:

Opioid Detox including detox from Heroin, Oxycodone, Percocet, Hydrocodone and Methadone.
Alcohol Detox
Benzodiazepines including Valium, Xanax and Ativan.

We specialize in connecting clients with drug, alcohol and opiate detox centers adept in reducing symptoms of withdrawal. Giving clients peace of mind during this otherwise painful process must remain a top priority. While the level of withdrawal intensity each individual client faces during drug detox will vary, the level of quality clinical and comprehensive care will remain constant. The Recovery Center Network proudly provides an extensive network of highly successful opiate detox and alcohol detox programs to clients from all over the country.

There a literally dozens of detox facilities located in Orange County, but The Recovery Center Network only works with programs adhering to the highest standards. We know that the one common factor in delay of treatment for drug addiction is the fear of detox. All clients deserve access to the best detoxification programs available, giving them the option to seek lifelong sobriety through drug rehabilitation and recovery services.