Treatment Programs

The Recovery Center Network is the complete source of intensive treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction designed to meet individual client needs. We are proud to refer clients access to top detox centers, inpatient drug rehabs, outpatient drug rehabilitation centers and recovery support services. Our network includes the finest rehabilitation centers located throughout beautiful Orange County, California.

All professionally supervised substance abuse programs and centers within our network have been preferred by experts in the area of addictions. We work with leaders in residential and outpatient treatment for alcoholism, opiate addiction, and prescription drug abuse. The Recovery Center Network works to place clients in programs that deal with all the underlying issues that may be main contributors to addiction.

We believe appropriated treatment services for substance abuse should be available to all. Should you have questions about a specific drug program in our network, we can answer all your questions and address any insurance related inquiries. Many of the centers within our network accept most insurances and offer payment plans.


It is important to understand that the road to recover from alcohol or drug addiction is a long, multi-phase process. Appropriate detoxification, or detox, should be handled by medical professionals in facilities equipped to deal with the different substance withdrawal symptoms. It is vital that our clients detox process is comfortable and without preventable transitional issues. A smooth detox process will eliminate all substances and provide a clean slate on which drug rehabilitation can take a firm footing, increasing the likelihood that it foster lifelong sober living.

What is Detox?

The detoxification process requires weaning clients off substances completely. Depending on the type of addiction, this process can be a stepping down or a complete stop. As the body rids itself of toxins and chemicals, it will react in ways that may require medical intervention. Once the body is clear, normal functions will resume and rehabilitation can begin. Opiate addiction detox requires specific treatment, and many of The Recovery Center Network preferred facilities are well versed in this insidious addiction and it’s specific detoxification issues.

Symptoms from detox can be extreme and painful if not handled with care, and should never begin without medical supervision in a controlled environment. All treatment centers within our network provide safe, effective care for drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab

An Inpatient drug rehab center provides an environment that promotes healing and restoration. At facilities within The Recovery Network Center’s exhaustive lists provide male and female clients separate housing and therapy, allowing professional staff to focus appropriate attention to gender specific issues.

The goal is to meet the individual needs of each client and provide atmospheres conducive for therapy, group counseling, peer feedback and appropriate security. There are many underlying components to addiction, and it is best to offer distraction free recovery programs.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests guidelines for successful treatment outcomes, and gender specific is vital. Separate men and women’s inpatient drug programs are designed to deal with issues pertaining to each genders specific substance abuse. The success of inpatient rehabilitation depends on properly channeled support, intervention and treatment of addiction. Women’s drug and alcohol treatment provides a warm environment that includes gender-specific housing and therapy. Men seeking drug and alcohol rehab are often professionals, and desire an environment that meets these needs.

Each residential treatment center provides a safe, secure environment that fosters peer support, sensitivity and trust. Specialized treatment methods and recreational opportunities meet the needs of a diverse client base. Water and land therapy activities, as well as exercise based whole body care is important to many clients.

The Recovery Network Center provides listings for inpatient accommodations which are comfortable and much like home. Living spaces with large kitchens and outdoor areas are very common. We want our clients to be treated with the care and attention that every person desires.

Our network offers a variety of inpatient rehab programs for the growing number of opiate drug addiction clients, as well as alcohol abuse and other substance addictions.

Outpatient Rehab

An effective outpatient rehab program allows clients to return home from residential inpatient drug rehab, or allows clients to live outside the facility. Often, this is a sober living center, but outpatient rehab care clients live at home. The living conditions will depend on the type of substance abuse and the severity of the situation.

Clients in outpatient rehab programs attend regular meetings and sessions at a clinic each week, allowing work and schooling to continue while in treatment. This is not a perfect fit for everyone struggling with addictions, but it might be a viable option depending on the specifics of each case.

Outpatient rehab programs are less intensive than their inpatient counterparts, and can fall into several categories. Intensive outpatient plans or IOP are less intensive than inpatient residential drug rehabilitation programs. This program usually includes therapy, both group and individual, 3 or 4 days a week, every week. Another option for outpatient rehab is individual therapy, which is usually best for clients who have successfully achieved sobriety for a period of time. The regularity and length of therapy will depend on the recommendations of the individual therapist.

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