Completion of inpatient rehabilitation programs is not the end of the recovery process. In fact, it is quite the opposite for most clients.

This next phase marks the beginning of a lifelong process which will require dedication, support and possibly other major life changes. Sometimes clients feel they are doing well, and recovery is smooth, even easy. Other times, often when unexpected trials occur, clients must work hard to choose sobriety.

Temptation will never cease to be an issue, but equipped with sound life skills and solid support systems, clients stand a chance at successful lifelong recovery.

Why Recovery Programs are Important.

The importance of recovery programs is often overlooked and undervalued, as clients are eager to get themselves integrated back into their own private lives. This phase of treatment that immediately follows discharge from inpatient care must be managed appropriately by clients and rehab centers, alike.

The Recovery Center Network refers its clients to aftercare programs that have solid, proven track records, limiting the likelihood of immediate relapse.

All of us need a systems of checks and balances to stay on course in life, and this is no less true for recovery clients. All recovery programs within The Recovery Center Network are prestigious rehabilitation facilities committed to clients success.

How Recovery Programs Work.

Reintegrating into everyday life is challenging and all reputable treatment programs have a recovery support safety net in place. Reclaiming independence following inpatient drug treatment is important, and clients should have accountability partnerships in place before discharge.

The Recovery Center Network works to place recovery clients in a monitoring program designed to do the following:

  • Build Accountability Partnerships – Keeping clients accountable for their own actions and
  • Responsible Living Models – Involvement with Sober Living facilities that meet individuals needs.
  • Support Group Linking – Assurance and support for client’s, family members and employers.
  • Continuing Recovery Programs – Clients participating in continued therapy and counseling achieve higher long term sobriety rates.

We understand that addiction recovery is the most critical point in successful drug rehab and clients struggling with alcoholism and addiction should have continuing support in place.

Contact us today for more information about The Recovery Center Network for reputable recovery programs available to you or your loved one struggling with sobriety.