Newport Beach Drug Rehab

The Recovery Center Network is your resource for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Newport Beach. We help clients, or their loved ones find the best treatment center available for their specific drug rehab needs. This first step can be overwhelming, and reaching out for help is often one of the most difficult decisions our clients face.

We are here to make this step easier for you. Our service is free for clients and their families. We work with some of the most highly regarded addiction treatment centers in Southern California, focusing on Newport Beach. Because this decision is personal and emotional, The Recovery Center Network support staff is available to answer any questions and concerns you may have about inpatient drug rehab, chemical dependency and the recovery process.

We encourage you to call us today and take the first important step from bondage to addiction to freedom that comes with recovery.

Seeking Drug Rehab in Newport Beach

Seeking drug rehab is the most important decision our clients and family members make. If you are struggling with addiction and substance abuse, The Recovery Network Newport Beach is the only call you will have to make. Getting sober and staying sober can be your reality. If you have been trying to achieve sobriety on your own, but are unable to disconnect with your enablers, you may well be fighting a losing battle. Let tomorrow really be the day you find freedom.

For those who are seeking inpatient drug rehab for a loved one, rest assured that we can help find the right treatment facility today. Watching someone you care for battling heroin addiction or alcoholism can be heart wrenching, frustrating and frightening. Never knowing what will happen from one day to the next can turn your life upside down. The fear of betrayal or abandonment can be overwhelming. We understand, and we are here to support you as you make this vital decision.

Newport Beach Substance Abuse Facts
  • In 2015, Newport Beach was home to some 87,249 residents. There are many inpatient alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab programs in Newport Beach and surrounding cites. Many households have been affected by drug abuse and addiction.
  • In 2010, there were 311 deaths directly attributed to drug abuse. The majority of deaths were between the ages of 45-64, a shocking statistic. The second affect age demographic was 18-44 year olds, reported as substantially lower than the older age demographic.
  • In 2011, there were 47 deaths directly attributed to alcohol. According to a government report, 1 in 3 motor vehicle deaths were alcohol-related.
  • 2010 government statistics indicate that adolescent drug use among 11th graders was recorded at 27.6% within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.
  • Alcohol use among 11th graders the same year in Newport-Mesa Unified School District was a disturbing 50.4% within 30 days.
    In 2010, adult binge drinking was reported up to 14.9% during a 30 day period.
Newport Beach Rehab Programs on the Rise

Newport Beach is known for it’s fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and prestigious real estate. Located in prestigious Orange County, California, Newport Beach boasts world class surfing, paddle boarding and body boarding beaches. Newport Harbor is the largest recreational boat harbor in the west coast, and there are many yacht clubs and competitive sailing, rowing and paddling events each year.

Back Bay, Lido Island, Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula all provide opportunities for relaxing and rejuvenating. Beachfront biking and walking paths, soft sandy beaches and warm ocean breezes welcome clients looking for drug treatment programs that incorporate nature with recovery.

Fill out our contact form or pick up the phone to reach one of our professional staff. Our service is free for our clients and their families. We are ready to help you begin your journey to sobriety.