The Recovery Center Network connects and coordinates care for rehab clients, including appropriate treatment programs for adults, teenagers and business executives suffering with alcoholism, opiate addiction, prescription drug abuse and poly-substance abuse. Every one of the excellent rehab centers within our network works with clients to rebuild their mental and physical health while treating co-occurring addiction disorders. Also referred to as dual disorders, co-occurring disorders are a combination of chemical dependency and emotional or psychological illness. This is very common with rehab clients, as one often manifests itself in the inception of the other.

When a client or family member reaches out to us, we understand how vital it is that we get the admission process done expeditiously. Many wonder how the admissions process works for clients and their immediate support group. There is no easy first step when it comes to entering drug rehab, but The Recovery Center Network strives to make the process as hassle-free and straightforward as possible.

Our team of experienced intake coordinators walk clients through the first steps for admission into intensive addiction treatment programs within our exclusive network. Sometimes admitting the need for help and intervention for chemical dependency and alcohol abuse is the biggest hurdle for addicts. We understand that families have likely experienced their growing resistance and denial as admission becomes a reality.

Our trained staff knows what clients and their families have gone through before coming to researching drug rehab programs We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, ready to help you begin the assessment and intake process. Admission into drug detoxification programs do not follow a 9 to 5 schedule, so The Recovery Center Network is committed to being ready when clients call. We offer referral services to meet every intake situation, coordinating the transportation and referring specific inpatient programs.

Admission into all programs approved by The Recovery Center Network involves listening carefully to client’s needs and evaluating an immediate intake plan. We want a successful drug rehab program for each and every client and we take the time to address specific issues. Through this first assessment, we are able to point each individual seeking treatment for chemical dependency to the appropriate program. Some clients must begin detox and remain in inpatient rehab, while others will move to outpatient options once their drug detoxification process is complete.

Regardless of our client’s specific needs, The Recovery Center Network coordinators discuss facility requirements, rehab and recovery steps before admissions processes begin.