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The Recovery Center Network is your premiere source for reputable addiction recovery services in Southern California. We offer our clients access to world renown substance abuse treatment facilities and individually tailored programs to meet specific needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that The Recovery Center Network only works with the best treatment centers in the industry. We partner with an extensive list of drug detoxification and inpatient rehab centers providing superior service for all individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We are a full service resource for individuals seeking to break addictions and begin a life of sobriety. With one phone call, we will arrange everything, starting with discrete door-to-door transportation. Allow our network specialists help you navigate the rehab process smoothly, getting you on your way to recovery. At The Recovery Center Network, we believe true recovery must be reflected in complete lifestyle overhaul, not simply abstaining from substance abuse.

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Not Just Another Rehab

With over 31 years of combined sobriety, we understand on a personal level the struggles of addiction and what the road to recovery actually looks like. We were once where you or your loved ones are. We know the pain of watching someone you love fight what might be a losing battle. We know the hopeless that becomes a constant companion and the darkness that surrounds your every day. We understand the existence that is your reality while using and drinking.

We also know that sobriety is not an easy choice to make, and that without a viable solution to addiction, there is very little hope of recovery. Without drugs and alcohol, we are raw, frayed nerves that can’t handle normal everyday life.

Sobriety is either considered unattainable or simply an unknown to addicts and alcoholics, so the first step is inherently scary.

This is where we come in.

We will walk you through every step of beginning your sobriety journey, until you can stand on your own two feet and begin living life like you have always wanted to. We have a vested interest in you and your loved ones recovery. Helping addicts and alcoholic’s recover not only changes their lives, but also helps changes the world, making it a better place one successful recovery at a time.

We can help you get into the best rehab facilities in the nation with just one phone call. These facilities fit your own personal and familial needs. As always, we offer our services at no charge to our clients and their families. One simple call allows us to help you find a recovery solution for you or your loved ones.

We can answer any questions that you have about drug and alcohol addiction, detox, recovery and continuing treatment options. With our many years of personal experience, combined with our deep understanding of the ins and outs of treatment and your willingness, we can make recovery a reality together.

The Recovery Network Center

The Recovery Center Network understands that all clients share this one common goal; successful recovery from addiction. We work with clients and their support groups by providing the finest facility options available. All of our clients are looking to create new, healthier lifestyles that allow for long-term addiction recovery. We network with the premiere drug rehabilitation centers and detox facilities, matching each client with a program that fits their goals. Managing sobriety is a lifelong process, and will require lifelong support and commitment. With professional, upscale inpatient rehabs and outpatient programs, we have helped many clients take the important first step on their path to sober living.

Newport Beach is one of the most desirable places to live along the Southern California coast. The unrivaled weather and climate allow The Recovery Center Network to place clients in residential facilities that take full advantage of recovery opportunities not available in other areas of the country. Our proximity to the healing power of the ocean and majesty of the San Gabriel mountains allow The Recovery Center Network clients exposure to nature in all its glory at one of our preferred rehab centers.

At The Recovery Center Network, we commit to a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. It is our skilled intake staff that sets our centers apart from other drug treatment placement facilities in Newport Beach. We refer our clients to effective, evidence based programs for the treatment of chemical dependency. Offering quality custom inpatient drug rehab options is our first calling. We understand that addictions do not discriminate and are a growing problem across all socio-economical boundaries. When choosing one of our recommended centers, you take the important first step, allowing effective substance abuse treatment to begin.

Rehabilitation and long-term recovery from substance addiction requires more than simply removing temptations from living situations. Often, individuals are facing the consequences for their opiate addictions and other substances, and must develop tools to allow rebuilding of lost lives. Professional teams of licensed therapists, physicians, program directors and medical liaisons work with clients to recognize behavioral or mental factors that might have contributed to substance abuse issues. That said, clients must take unconditional responsibility for any potential substance rehabilitation in order to have successful results.

Steps for Successful Addiction Rehabilitation

The road to recovery for individuals struggling with drug, alcohol and opiate addictions is neither quick nor easy. It will certainly require a lifelong dedication to doing the hard work necessary to stay sober. All successful rehab clients have one thing in common; a complete abandonment of dangerous lifestyles and triggers. This commitment is more than worth it, as the rewards of living a life outside the confines of addiction are immeasurable. Like most things, every journey begins with a deliberate first step. The Recovery Center Network is proud to be considered the best full service drug rehab network in Southern California.

Please understand the the specific steps required for rehabilitation may depend on the type and severity of addiction, as well as the individual seeking rehab.

This is a broad overview of what the programs The Recovery Center Network offers clients:

Admission or Intake
Detoxification or detox
Rehabilitation or rehab
Ongoing Recovery

The Recovery Center Network is a link between families or individuals seeking treatment and powerful residential rehab, outpatient drub rehabilitation and sober living support resources in beautiful Orange County, California. With programs for men, women and teenagers, we understand that alcoholics and addicts suffer from a serious disease called addiction. Many drug treatment facilities treat addiction as chemical dependency, and neglect the deeper aspects contributing to addictive behaviors.

Our referred centers treat clients as a whole; body, mind and soul. This model works to provide complete clinical and psychological support for clients. Every client deserves to be treated with respect and should experience the same level of world class rehabilitation regardless of age, gender or background. Sober living is a possibility for all clients, and centers work tirelessly to foster an environment that builds up through positive peer relationships and counseling.

The Recovery Center Network knows that ridged, inflexible environments do not work well for everyone struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. We have seen where mandated systems fall short, creating a protective bubble limiting growth and autonomy. The real world is not structured and controlled, and we feel clients should experience degrees of reality, even when undergoing intensive rehab. Therefore, we work with drug rehabilitation centers that focus on developing and nurturing long-term behaviors and attitudes required for success.

Addictions can create unstable mental processing and personality issues. Clients are expected to work within the framework of whatever customized drug treatment program is agreed upon by their support team. Lifestyles must be completely overhauled and rebuilt for rehab to be considered successful drug recovery.

We are pleased to work with facilities offering different levels of care, addressing the need for detoxification, residential, outpatient treatment, sober living situations and our proven Living Rehabilitated Care.

Alcohol and opiate treatment centers that shield clients from real-world experiences during rehab foster incomplete rebuilding of life skills necessary for successful reentry. On the flip side, residential treatment centers that allow real life situations to unfold, complete with consequences, enable clients to seek more positive, appropriate outcomes. Rebuilding confidence in oneself is an important part of inpatient rehab, as many clients come feeling broken and insufficient. Clients should be pushed to be involved in drafting and implementing a plan for success, one that extends beyond the four walls they find themselves in temporarily.

All Recovery Center Network clients undergo an intake assessment over the phone or in person. This assessment allows our team to recommend appropriate detoxification, rehabilitation and long term recovery plans. Without a clear direction, and delineated timeline and goal list, many clients would risk relapse upon discharge.

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Our Rehabilitation Network.

It is The Recovery Center Network’s philosophy that all clients deserve the utmost respect and exceptional emotional care while undergoing drug rehabilitation. We also believe that family members and other appropriate support systems our clients have in place are important and should be treated as such. Every center within our network employ gifted and experienced medical and psychological professionals, trained specifically in addiction treatment practices.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs That Work.

We know that effective drug rehab is more that attending required group meetings. The Recovery Center Network’s clients need to reset their lifestyle and habits, explore deep underlying issues and heal emotional wounds. This is a long, difficult process, and each client progresses at the speed which is most appropriate for them. Successful outcomes require a complete, comprehensive treatment plan, including follow-up care after discharge.

Contact us today and learn more about how The Recovery Center Network is the only drug and alcohol recovery resource for you and your loved one.